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Winning Ethically

The Artiga-Purcell Law Office is not your typical Bay Area law firm.

Located within San Francisco's historic Pier 9, the Artiga-Purcell Law Office provides curated litigation services based on each client's unique needs.  With unprecedented direct client communication, attention to detail and your bottom line, the Artiga-Purcell Law Office delivers streamlined results.


Schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your potential case.

Camilo Artiga-Purcell is a seasoned trial attorney with experience litigating commercial, securities, financial fraud, and intellectual property disputes. Mr. Artiga-Purcell has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court,  JAMS and ADRS mediation and arbitration.

Whether the case goes to trial, settles, or goes away through alternative dispute resolution, the goal is to identify client goals and achieve swift, decisive victory.


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​​Tel: (415) 226-7651
Email:​ ap@artigapurcell.com